They Call Me Yoshi.

If your wondering, Yoshi is not my real name. It is Josh, I like Yoshi though. Yes, the green dinosaur. He's the shiz, but anyways this is about me. I like to consider myself a philosopher of sorts. I find dissecting the questions of life to be entertaining. Although I can't tell you what the meaning of life is, I can tell you a good way to live it. However it's how I think people should live, i'm no god and I can't control you. I consider myself a naturalist, but not an extreme one. I am against littering, pollution, the destruction of nature. All sorts of things like that, however my views on it aren't as blunt as most naturalists. I am also a very musically oriented person. Besides listening to a plethora of different styles, I also play a few different instruments including guitar and drums. Without music I think the world would be rather dull.

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